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Billiards Esnuka - Screenshot of Esnuka billiard pool table

A quality billiard table should be made of hardboard in order to provide stability and avoid excessive vibrations.

The bed on which the balls roll must be levelled completely horizontally. The material for the base of the billiard tables can vary from wood or covered slate.

Traditionally, the billiard balls were made of ivory but nowadays they are made of synthetic material with elastic properties similar to that of ivory.

The billiard table cushions are another element to keep in mind. The cushions should be made of an elastic material, such as natural rubber in order to give the balls the right bounce, and to not warp easily.

The official measurements of the billiard table are larger than those that are usually used. The open surface of the French billiard tables, or carambole, should be approximately 284 x 142 cm. The American billiard table, or eight ball, is smaller than the French table or the three-cushion billiards.

The English billiard table, or snooker, is bigger than the French, or carambole, and the balls are smaller as well, which undoubtedly increases the game's complexity.

Although the official or competition measurements are rather large for a normal home, there are smaller billiard tables, which blend in with the normal furniture, and with covers in order to convert them into living room or meeting tables.

Other interesting pool accessories are those that convert the American billiards table, pool, or eight ball, into French billiards, or carambole, and three-cushion billiard tables.

Brunswisk may be one of the most well known classic brands of quality billiard tables.