Esnuka pool billiards game. Original and educational games with computer players and tournament, three ball billiards, pool games or american billiards and snooker

With original and educational billiards games.
Computer players and billiards tournament.
You choose the angle, spin and impulse.
Game of Billiards, Pool and Snooker.
Free download billiards games.

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Shoot pool on your computer with this pool billiards program!

Esnuka works perfectly in all Windows systems.

The program includes the following games:

  • 3-balls Billiards (French Billiards)
  • Pool (American Billiards)
  • Snooker (English Billiards)
  • Esnuka (Spanish Billiards)
  • Esnuka-II
  • Esnuka-III

In all the pool billiards games there is the possibility to play against the computer as there are up to 10 pc players with different levels of ability.

There is also the possibility in billiards, pool, snooker and all Esnuka games of competing in an 8 player tournament, among which the players available in the computer can be chosen.

Also, in BEEPS (Billiards - Esnuka II - Pool - Snooker) Cups points are accumulated when the players selected by the computer have been beaten.

You choose the angle, spin and impulse. Again, in Esnuka, three ball billiards, pool billiards and snooker it is possible to save a game and continue it later.

The pool billiards Esnuka reproduces the evolution of the species and radically changes some of the concepts generally accepted up until now.

This evolution is presented in such a way that it shows a particular example within the General Theory of Conditional Evolution, explained in the instructions.

Using the (latest in 1992 when the game was originally designed) computer technology and drawing on parallels with Pool billiards and Snooker, the theory can be shown in an easy and fun way, thanks to its impressive visual effects.

At all times, great care has been taken to make Esnuka as user-friendly as possible, with the use of menus, quick help screens and complete instructions.

The theories most relevant to this subject are briefly explained in the instructions.

As well as being able to change the parameters of the initial configuration, the program contains four more models:

  • The Random model, whereby the computer displays the characters of the whole population after a chosen number of generations is specified from the initial random selection.

  • Esnuka, so called because of the introduction of the main parameters of the General Theory of the Conditional Evolution of Life; the game is based on snooker, where players try to pot those balls closest to the aim of the game. In this model, the snooker balls are divided into two different types, with a clear sexual parallel.

  • Special evolution model, Esnuka-II, in which the sexual differentiation carries out the limitation function referred to in the GTCEL and the colour of the genes determines the gender according to Mendel's laws.

  • Special evolution model, Esnuka-III, identical to the above except that the colour of the balls becomes more difficult to distinguish as the game goes on. Therefore sexual differentiation becomes less evident.

The function to display any specific hybridization may be activated at all times.