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With three original and educational games.
Computer players and billiards tournament.
You choose the angle, spin and impulse.
Game of Billiards, Pool and Snooker.
Free billiards download game.


Billiards Esnuka is a freeware MS-DOS based program that works perfectly in all Windows systems:

  • WinNT
  • Windows 9x
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Me
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista (Emulator)

In some operating systems it may be necessary to re-create the Esnuka short cut or not use it.

The help application is developed in HTML language.

For the installation of the billiards pc game, Esnuka is distributed in a self-extracting file and it runs immediately after installation.

The short cut folder may be copied to the Windows Start menu, these short cuts must be updated if the default installation folder have been change during installation of the billiards game.

With Windows Vista:

  • Windows Vista does not allow MS-DOS games with a full screen like Esnuka billiards pc games, but with an emulator program there is no problem.

    Another solution for playing Esnuka billiards pc games is by creating different operative systems with virtual machines that, although it is more complicated, it provides the original setting. You can get the Virtual PC 2007 program free from the Microsoft site for downloads.

    A third solution for emulating MS-DOS may be Windows Powershell which comes included in the operative system that will replace Windows Vista.

  • A free emulator program for Esnuka billiards pc games and other pc games, that is very easy to use is DOSBOX v 0.70, which can be downloaded from its official website dosbox.sourceforge.net

    • This emulator program contains a file for a version in Spanish and a help file.  (Check the layout of the keyboard)

    • Once the Esnuka billiards pc games and DosBox are installed, run the DosBox program and the only thing to do is to enter the following on the command line on the screen:

      • z:> mount c c:\games\esnuka
      • z:> c:
      • c:>esnuka

    And to return to Windows Vista, Exit, as usual.

Uninstall billiards pc game

To uninstall the billiards pc games, just delete the Esnuka folder. Because Esnuka is a MS-DOS program there are no entries in the Windows registry.