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See Common rules.

The aim of the tree ball billiards game is to obtain as many points as possible, by means of cannons: touching the other two balls with the cue ball.

When you have dominated the technique of the French billiards or three ball billiards game, three-cushion billiards is played before touching the last ball so that billiards is considered correct, which is why three-cushion billiards is often called billiards; but this isn’t the case with Esnuka which follows the normal rules without any additional requirements.

Clearly, if you want to learn to how to play three-cushion billiards, the only thing to keep in mind is that the valid billiard points will have to be carried over manually. It would be a trick for getting out of trouble and being able to play three-cushion billiards.

In any case, in order to play three-cushion billiards you have to have an advanced technique and a reasonable control over the spin on the balls.

The player carries on his turn if he scores a cannon. For each cannon, he scores one point. If he fails to score, it is the next player's turn.

If the cue ball does not touch any ball, the next player has at least two shots unless, in his first shot, he fails to touch any ball.

In Esnula three ball billiards game , the number of points needed to win is determined by the number indicated in the endogenous evolution parameter of character one in the main menu. If the number of characters selected in the main menu was one; if the number of characters is two, the final points are equal to the endogenous evolution parameter multiplied by 10.

The three ball billiards of Esnuka is very realistic in the movement and spin of the balls because it incorporates physics formulas in its model.

Thus, practising playing billiards lets you get familiarised with the techniques while discovering tricks for improving your skills with the game, especially with the spins.

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