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See Common rules.

The aim of the game Pool, also known as American pool billiards, is to pot all the striped balls (stripes) or spotted balls (spots) into the pockets and, when all balls of either colour have been potted, to pot the black ball into the pocket opposite, except if this pocket corresponds to the other player. Opposite means passing through the central point of the table.

The first ball potted (apart from the black) defines the colours for that player. The other balls correspond to the opponent.

In billiards pool, a player carries on with his turn while he pots his balls. When he misses a pot, it is the opponent's turn.

The first ball to be hit must be his, otherwise it is a foul. Fouls are also committed if the cue ball does not touch any other ball, if the cue ball is potted and if an opponent's ball is potted.

After a foul, the opponent has at least two shots, except where the latter commits a foul on his first shot.

A player loses American pool billiards if he pots the black ball, without having potted all his balls, or if the black ball is potted in an incorrect pocket.

Anyway, there many variants of American pool rules due to the popularity of the game.

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